4 Benefits of Being an Introvert


The world isn’t always nice to introverts. People think introverts are shy and awkward, anxious and afraid. And in today’s society, big, outgoing personalities are valued way more than timid ones. Much of the advice that’s out there – whether it’s for getting ahead in your career, accomplishing your goals or improving the relationships in […]

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How I Fell in Love


When I first met my husband, I thought we were totally wrong for each other. He was skinnier than me for one, which made me feel self-conscious, as it would for any girl I’m sure. We didn’t have too much in common. And he wasn’t American. He had an accent, which took me by surprise, […]

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The Secret to Reading More Books

Love Books

I wish I could say I was one of those people who always had her head in a book. I love reading. It’s a big passion of mine, but sometimes it seems like life just gets in the way. I always find myself wishing I had more time to devote to reading. Every year I […]

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